The Towering Inferno – Special Edition

The Towering Inferno - Special Edition

John Guillermin
20th Century Fox
165 minuten
Engels Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Engels Dolby Digital 4.0
Frans Dolby Digital 2.0 Dual Mono
16×9 2.35:1 NTSC
Engels, Spaans


Disc 1

Interactief Menu
Directe Scènetoegang
Commentary by Film Historian F.X. Feeney
Scene Specific Commentary by Mike Veniza, Special Effects Director on X3
– Explosion on 81
– Fire Chief Arrives on 81
– “I Used to Run the 100 in 10 Flat”
– Explosion in Stairwell
– Roger Tries to Escape
– Elevator Explosion
– Breeches Buoy
– Water Explosion
Scene Specific Commentary by Branko Racki, Stunt Coordinator on The Day After Tomorrow
– Will Giddings Catches Fire
– Battling Fire
– Man on Fire
– “I Used to Run the 100 in 10 Flat”
– Fallen Stairwell
– Scenic Elevator Brought to Safety
– Fight Over Breeches Buoy
– Prepping the Water Tanks
– Water Tank Explosion

Disc 2

Interactief Menu
AMC Backstory: The Towering Inferno
– Inside the Tower: We Remember
– Innovating Tower: The SPFX of an Inferno
– The Art of Towering
– Irwin Allen: The Great Producer
– Directing the Inferno
– Putting Out Fire
– Running on Fire
– Still the World’s Tallest Building
– The Writer: Stirling Silliphant
Vintage Promotional Material
– NATO Presentation Reel
– Original 1974 Featurette #1
– Original 1974 Featurette #2
– Irwin Allen 1977 Interview
– The Towering Inferno Teaser
– The Towering Inferno Trailer
– The Poseidon Adventure Trailer
Extended and Deleted Scenes
– Alternate Opening Sequence
– Harlee Meets Up with Lisolette and the Kids
– Air Ducts
– Close Up of Harry on the Phone
– Extended Scene with Doug and Susan
– The Jeweler Delivers the Golden Scissors as Dan Bigelow Argues with His Staff
– James and Dan Discuss the Party
– Harlee and Lisolette
– James and Susan Discuss San Francisco
– The Mayor Adresses the Crowd
– James Discusses the Elevator with the Mayor and Senetor Gary Parker
– The Party’s Entertainer
– Firemen
– Susan and Patty Discuss Their Significant Others
– The Electrical System
– Emergency Vehicles on the Scene
– Waiting for the Elevator
– Four Alarm Fire
– Trapped in Her Room
– Fire
– The Stairwell
– Lisolette in the Stairwell
– Still Waiting for the Elevator
– In the Promenade
– Attempting to Revive the Unconscious Man
– Shadow-Puppets on the Wall
– Roger Returns to the Promenade
– Window Warning
– Adjusting the Elevator Controls
– Connecting the Cable
– Rescue Buoy
– Hosing Down Flames
American Cinematographer Articles
– “The Towering Inferno and How it Was Filmed”
– Photographing the Dramatic Sequences for “The Towering Inferno”
– “Action Unit” Live Up to Its Name While Shooting “The Towering Inferno”
– Shot Composition
– Publicity
– Behind the Scenes
– Conceptual Sketches
– Costumes
Storyboard Comparisons
– Fallen Stairwell
– Helicopter Crash
– Evelator Shaft
– Buoy Chair
– Water Tank Explosion


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