King Kong (2005) – Deluxe Extended Edition

King King (2005) - Deluxe Extended Edition

Peter Jackson
192 minuten (Disc 1: 77 minuten – Disc 2: 115 minuten)
Duits Dolby Digital 5.1
Engels Dolby Digital 5.1
Frans Dolby Digital 5.1
16×9 2.35:1 PAL
Deens, Duits, Engels voor doven en slechthorenden, Frans, Noors, Zweeds


Disc 1

Interactief Menu
Directe Scènetoegang
Audio Commentary
Deleted Scenes
– Introduction by Peter Jackson
– Prestion Shows Ann Her Cabin with Optional Intro
– How a Man Dies with Optional Intro
– Jack Has Doubts About Ann with Optional Intro
– Ann Chooses an Outfit with Optional Intro
– Hayes Confronts Englehorn with Optional Intro
– Preston Finds the Map with Optional Intro
– Dancing a Jig with Optional Intro
– The Rest of the Venture Voyage with Optional Intro
– Lumpy and His Cabbage with Optional Intro
– “Scream for Your Life, Ann!” with Optional Intro
– The Venture Escapes (Original Version) with Optional Intro
– Hayes’ Story with Optional Intro
– A Sailor’s Bad Luck with Optional Intro
– Original Insect Pit Opening with Optional Intro
– Kong Chases Jack’s Cab with Optional Intro
– Kong Versus the Army with Optional Intro
The Eight Blunder of the World
A Night in Vaudeville
King Kong Homage
Easter Egg

Disc 2

Interactief Menu
Directe Scènetoegang
Audio Commentary
Pre-Visualization Animatics
– Arrival at Skull Island with Optional Music
– Bronte Stampede with Optional Music
– T-Rex Fight with Optional Music
– Empire State Building Battle
– – “Pre-Viz” Only with Optional Music
– – “Pre-Vis” with Final Film Comparison with Optional Music
“The Present”
– Teaser Trailer
– Theatrical Trailer
– Cinemedia Trailer
Weta Collectibles
Rom: 1996 & 2003 Scripts

Disc 3

Interactief Menu
Introduction by Peter Jackson
Recreating the Eight Wonder: The Making of King Kong
– The Origins of “King Kong”
– Pre-Production Part 1: The Return of Kong
– Pre-Production Part 2: Countdown to Filming
– The Venture Journey
– Return to Skull Island
– New York, New Zealand
– Bringing Kong to Life Part 1: Design and Research
– Bringing Kong to Life Part 2: Performance and Animation
Conceptual Design Video Galleries
– The 1996 “King Kong”
– The Venture
– Skull Island
– New York
– Kong